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Special Election – Change of Residence

Someone enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan or Stand-alone Part D Rx plan can change their plan outside of the Medicare Open Enrollment Period if they move outside of their current plan’s service area.

SEP Change of ResidenceWhen does a SEP based on change of residence take place?

Begins either the month before the permanent move if the plan is notified in advance or the month the beneficiary provides notice of the move.

Continues for two months following the month it begins or the month of the move, whichever is later.

The individual may choose an effective date of up to 3 months after the month in which the enrollment form is received by the plan, but it may not be earlier than the date of the permanent move

What can beneficiaries do during the SEP?

Qualifying beneficiaries have one opportunity to enroll into a new MA or Part D plan.