Our Mission

We Can Help You, Inc. is 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization with a mission to help individuals navigate the often confusing ocean of information surrounding Social Security and Medicare.

We carry out this mission by creating easy to understand educational resources and by helping individuals have access to insurance professionals who are qualified to provide thoughtful, practical, un-biased advice.

Whether you are trying to determine at what age you should begin taking your Social Security benefits or if you need to enroll in Medicare while actively insured through your employer’s health insurance program, our trained Member Agents can help you.

We offer qualifying individuals private consultations as well as educational workshops at employer groups or at public forums. 

Our Member Agents must meet the following standards at a minimum:

  • State health insurance license in good standing
  • Current AHIP Certification
  • Up-to-date Long Term Care Certification
  • Evidence of Continuing Education in topics related to Medicare, Social Security and Long Term Care
  • Cannot be a captive agent (meaning they cannot only represent one insurance company)

Our Member Agents do not charge fees for their services to schedule a meeting with them.