Social Security Planning

Maximizing Your Social Security Benefits

Since being signed into law in 1935, when the average life expectancy was just 61 years of age, today life expectancy for retirees has risen to 79 years and Social Security has gone from paying $35 million dollars in benefits each year to over $816 billion dollars.

What does this mean for YOU?

Since Social Security benefits are often considered the foundation of most people’s retirement income plan, a thoughtful strategy is useful once you become eligible.

We can help you learn what you need to know about maximizing your Social Security benefits, including:

  • Understand your Primary Insurance Amount (“PIA”)
  • Understand your Full Retirement Age (“FRA”)
  • Discover how much extra you could be paid if you delay claiming your benefits past your FRA
  • Learn the cost of claiming your benefits early…which is almost never the right decision
  • Uncover cash-flow strategies that allow you to delay claiming your benefits
  • Learn how to avoid “penalties” associated with claiming benefits while continuing to work
  • Determine your eligibility for spousal or ex-spousal benefits
  • Understand taxation of your Social Security benefits

Choose your preferred learning method:

  • Attend a 30 minute online webinar that provides and overview of these topics hosted by Kevin Skaltsis, our Director of Social Security Education
  • Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation, one-on-one Social Security planning online consultation with a Member Agent

Either option entitles you to receive a complimentary Social Security report and action plan to help you maximize your Social Security benefits and potentially increase your overall retirement income plan.

Our Member Agents will never charge a fee for their educational services.

Still confused? We can help you!
Choose your preferred learning method below:

Let one of our Member Agents help you review your specific Social Security needs and determine the right plan for you.
Our Member Agents will never charge a fee for their educational or enrollment services.