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Medicare Planning Guide

We have recently made changes to the Medicare Planning Guide that are pending final design approval.

Coming soon….

Understand How Medicare Advantage Can be $0 Premium

Ever have a prospect or client ask you how a plan can cost nothing additional?

This whitepaper explains how a plan can be $0 premium.

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How Does Medicare Interact with HSA Plans?

Health Savings Account (HSA) plans are more popular than ever, do to the tax advantages associated with these qualified account.

A key component of being eligible to set aside money in an HSA bank account is that the individual can only be covered by a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) and nothing else.  This is where Medicare can cause problems.

This whitepaper explains what people need to know about Medicare when they are enrolled in an HSA plan.

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2022 Medicare Part D Coverage Phases Explained

The coverage phases of Part D can be the hardest concept for a beneficiary to understand.

This whitepaper breaks down the coverage phases of Medicare Part D into digestible bites.

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Medicare and VA Members

People with VA benefits often wonder “Why do I need to enroll in Medicare?”

This whitepaper explains some of the benefits Medicare can provide to someone enrolled in VA benefits.

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ABC’s of Medicare Educational Presentation

If you can effectively present Medicare to an audience, you will be successful as a Medicare supplemental insurance agent.

We have put together this Powerpoint presentation to address many of the common questions people have about Medicare.

We have also included a few slides that speak to how Medicare coordinates with certain elements of job-based health insurance.

We update this presentation annually.  Please do not make edits, other than your contact information on slides 2 and 33, without obtain approval first.

Download the Powerpoint