Educational Webinars

Trying to understand Medicare and Social Security is like learning a new language.
It may seem complex at first but the right guide can help make it easier.

Educational webinars  are a great way to gain a high-level understanding of both Medicare and Social Security and to help prepare for a more individualized consultation when a person is ready to take the next step.

Since 2012 we have hosted hundreds of workshops for individuals, employer groups, financial advisors, elder law and estate planning attorneys and CPAs.

Here is some of what you will learn:

Medicare Topics

  • When Medicare enrollment is required
  • Medicare enrollment periods
  • How to avoid Medicare late enrollment penalties
  • Understanding the Part D prescription drug benefits and the donut hole
  • How to decide between MediGap and Medicare Advantage plan options
Social Security Topics
  • A short history of Social Security
  • How your Social Security benefit is calculated
  • The implication of collecting Social Security while working
  • How to maximize your Social Security benefit


Workshops are offered live (depending upon availability) or online via webinar format.  There is never a charge for these educational events.

Click one of the buttons below to view the on-demand webinar. 

Medicare Education